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Ube Machinery Thai Co., Ltd. Gave the Utmost Importance in Preventing COVID-19

For those who come to contact our staff, the company has set a screening point where everyone has to check-in with Mobile Application “Mor Chana” and measure body temperature before entering the office every time. The company has prepared an alcohol hand sanitizer for contact persons sterilize and also increases the frequency of cleaning every touch point every day.

For employees there are measures to prevent the spread of infection in the office as follows:

  1. Measure body temperature twice a day in the morning and afternoon before starting work.
  2. Requiring all employees wash their hands with sanitary gel and wash hand often while working at the office.
  3. Requiring all employees wear masks all the time.
  4. Keep distance within the office and meeting room.

At the same time, the company follow up the situation very carefully and set the meetings to determine the additional measures every day. At this moment, our employees have yet been found to be infected with the COVID-19 virus.

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